Guy Deeming @ Queensway Dental

“I have worked with the team at Ashford for five years now and I have found the quality of their appliances and predictability of fit to be consistently high. Despite this, I have felt the temptation to reduce costs by bringing manufacturing within the practice, but wanted to ensure the quality of the retainers rather than introducing an unacceptable risk of relapse for my patients if the process was passed to less experienced hands. Working with Ashford means I have the best of both worlds – hard to resist in an era of squeezed NHS margins and increasing overheads.”

Rosy (PM) @ Richmond Orthodontics

We would recommend Ashford Orthodontic Lab as we are very happy with their service. We use them on all our four branches and for various appliances. They offer high quality service at a very reasonable price.

Megan @ Pallant Orthodontics

Ashford Lab are a reliable lab for all lab work for all our patients, always sticking to guaranteed delivery times and more importantly, the lab work is always of the best quality. Would highly recommend and brilliant customer service to go with the quality.

Rhiannon @ Orthodontic Centre Swansea

We have been a customer of Ashford Orthodontics since 2018, the partnership we have created is second to none. The team at Ashford are always on hand to help with any enquiries
Their laboratory work they provide is of the highest standard, which results in our patients being overjoyed. Looking forward to our future working alongside Ashford Orthodontics.

Kaye @ Hamstead Orthodontics

“Since we have started using Ashford, our appliances have arrived so much quicker than the previous lab we used!  The appliances are always on time, don’t go missing like they did before and their service is impeccable! This allows us to offer our patients a better service, so it’s a win-win situation. It was such a good decision to change laboratories!”

Rhu McKelvey @ Beam Orthodontics

“I have bounced around trying various ortho labs over the last 10 years trying to get the level of service I need to run a busy mixed ortho practice. So it has been a relief to have found Ashford – a dedicated Ortho specialist Lab who are always two steps ahead of the field, and genuinely good folk too. I would recommend them to all my colleagues.”

Robert Irvine @ Borders Orthodontics

“Going fully digital with 3 Shape intra-oral scans was an exciting and educational change. There were initial inertia and difficulties from my previous lab. However, once I moved to Ashford Orthodontics, it all seemed so effortless. Making twin-blocks is now so easy, we can go straight from consultation to fit in so many cases. We are now 99% alginate free. Anyone thinking of making the switch to digital, then Ashford are a great choice to make that change as hassle-free as possible.”

Natalie Ball @ The Liverpool Aesthetic Company

“Sean and the team at Ashford are undoubtedly the best ortho lab in the UK. Since discovering them my lab work has arrived on time or ahead of schedule and the customer service is excellent; they go above and beyond to offer advice and help in any given situation. The lab work is of an extremely high standard.”