Our Digital Services

We have always strived to be at the forefront of the industry and are continually evolving as technology presents us with new methods to reduce costs and save on time for our clients.

Our digital department boasts the latest technology with a designated 3D scanning and 3D printing suite ran by digital technologists and engineers, who are a blend of qualified dental technicians, engineerss and technology experts.

We operate a bank of Rapidshape D100+ printers with the capacity to print thousands of 3D dental models each day, producing outstanding clinical outcomes and minimal wastage. Our large scale printers also enable us to manufacture around the clock, taking on the night shift, so appliances are ready for post-processing every morning. We also operate automated aligner and retainer machinery to produce highly accurate and clinically consistent cut lines on our pressure-formed appliances.

Moving from a traditional workflow to working with digital study models not only has significant financial and logistical benefits for practices, it improves the patient experience from the outset, replacing the need for impressions.

We can also access the stored information anytime and reuse the 3D printed model to create multiple appliances without added chairside labour. For instance, brackets can be removed digitally to generate a new course of aligners, any type of retainer or a whitening tray all from one dataset. Another advantage of this is that ‘downtime’ when a patient loses or breaks a retainer is kept to minimum – we can even send a replacement direct to them.

Whether you’re interested in a fully digital approach or a combination of traditional and digitally-rendered devices, get in touch for a free trial.

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